Funding: Undergraduate VSO Grants

About Us

The ASSU Undergraduate Senate, via the Appropriation Committee, oversees the funding of numerous student groups on Stanford's campus. While the Undergraduate Senate primarily funds Undergraduate VSOs, Graduate VSOs may apply if they can demonstrate a clear benefit to the Undergraduate Community.

Our team is dedicated to the values of transparency and accountability and we are committed to proactively sharing as much of our work as possible via our public Senate meetings.

NOTE: ASSU should be the last funding source after VSOs have exhausted all other on-campus funding sources. Please see this page for alternative sources of on-campus funding.

How To

  1. Create and submit your application on GrantEd; make sure your application adheres to our funding policies. You can find our funding policies here.
  2. Before all deadlines, VSO Financial Officers should consider attending a funding office hour with a Senator for a preliminary evaluation of their application.
    ** Please note: ASSU Funding Office Hours are distinct from CapGroup Office Hours and OSE Office Hours. **
  3. If the Committee requires more information, it will email the FO in question for the information.
  4. After the Committee makes its recommendations, the Senate will approve or reject the funding application. If approved, funds should be posted within 5 business days.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Appropriations Committee at

Funding Office Hours

Find a time on the calendar to attend office hours. We try not to move the times around less than 24 hours in advance.

Join the Zoom call here.

If we still haven’t joined the call, email

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