Stanford Invitational


Tournament directors Rich Boltizar & Brian Manuel and student director Sajid Farook, cordially invite you to attend the 37th Annual Stanford Invitational, an online national invitational tournament hosted by the Associated Students of Stanford University’s Stanford Student Enterprises division with support from Stanford Debate, from February 11-13, 2023.  We view this tournament as an opportunity to provide a service to the speech and debate community, and hope that our professionalism and commitment to operating a top quality tournament is apparent to past attendees of the many tournaments we have run and assisted over the years.

The 2023 Stanford Invitational Tournament Invitation contains further details about this year’s tournament, and registration for the Stanford Invitational will be done via Tabroom at

The Stanford Invitational offers competition in nearly all debate and speech events, including:


  • Policy
  • Lincoln Douglas
  • Public Forum
  • Parliamentary
  • Worlds Schools
  • Congressional


  • Pattern A: national extemp, oratory, dramatic, spar, expos/informative, and declamation
  • Pattern B: international extemp, duo, humorous, impromptu, oral interp, and program oral interp


Please take care of your tournament registration and all other arrangements as soon as possible so that we may accommodate all of your students who wish to compete. This will ensure a pleasant and trouble-free tournament for everyone, and allow us to host you in the way you deserve!

Questions about the Stanford Invitational should be directed to the tournament directors or our other staff by emailing

Best regards,
Rich Boltizar, Executive Tournament Director
Brian Manuel, Associate Tournament Director
Sajid Farook, SSE Tournament Managing Director

Our Sponsors

Thanks to the following tournament sponsors for supporting the 2023 Stanford Invitational!

See our sponsors page for more information. Sponsorship does not reflect any relationship, endorsement, or affiliation between sponsors and Stanford University, nor any relationship between sponsors and the Associated Students of Stanford University or Stanford Debate beyond the sponsorship of the 2023 Stanford Invitational speech & debate tournament; no endorsement or affiliation is implied.

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