General Questions

Who has access to GrantEd?
Why won't my organization show up when I log into GrantEd?
I'm part of a new organization. What should I do to get started?
Why is GrantEd giving me an error message saying that I need to complete trainings before submitting or approving a request?
I am getting a distribution error when I try to submit my request; how do I fix it?
How do I check the status of a request?
I just submitted a request to the GrantEd system. When will the check be ready?
Why hasn’t my request been processed yet?
Where can I check comments on my request?
How do I enable Direct Deposit?
I don’t have an itemized receipt for my transaction. How do I file a Lost Receipt request?
Who can pick up a check for my organization?
How do I reimburse a purchase made in a foreign currency?
How can my organization receive a charitable donation?
How do I make a deposit to my group’s account?
Members of my organization need to be reimbursed for gas money. They don’t have receipts because no gas was purchased on the trip, but they lost the value of the gas in their tanks. How do I reimburse them?
I have another question that is not on this list.