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The ASSU Executive team has been hard at work putting together a student-run business directory for publication on their website to help boost the Stanford student microeconomy. We are dedicated to helping our student body by creating multiple spaces to thrive and engage with each other. This initiative is a part of the comprehensive platform that Darryl and Christian created at the beginning of their administration with the intention of it becoming a legacy project. They are working with Stanford Student Enterprises (SSE), the business branch of the ASSU, to continue and maintain the directory over the coming years to ensure its relevance and it is updated with current student business information. 

The ASSU and West Coast Farmer’s Market have teamed up to help student entrepreneurs boost their sales and presence at Stanford. West Coast Farmer’s Market is a staple on Tuesdays and Fridays in White Plaza, thanks to the genius of Jeanette Smith-Laws, Director of the Student Union. They offer a wide-variety of businesses that sell food and different products, items for sale include boba, Thai food, tacos, baked goods, crafts, jewelry, and fresh produce. With the integration of student businesses at the farmer’s market it gives the greater Stanford community the opportunity to support student entrepreneurs in their push to build their business. These businesses would be present at the Tuesday and Friday farmers markets for you to visit and purchase their products and services. 

The student businesses have a wide range of options to choose from. They include art, crafts, educational services, jewelry, personal care products, and animal products. The ASSU Executive team wholeheartedly supports and believes in our students and their businesses, which is why we sought out this opportunity for them to thrive. Additionally, the Executive team is working with Jeanette Smith-Laws on creating opportunities in the spring for food entrepreneurs to have space to develop their businesses that would otherwise adhere to county and state regulations. If  you are a student and have a business or are creating one, please fill out the form at If you have any questions or would like to reach out to us please feel free to email us at


Will I have to provide my own table, tent, and chair?
What are the market's days and hours and when can I set up?
Where is the farmer's market?
If I can't make it both Tuesday's and Friday's market, can I attend just one day?
Where do I set up?

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