Ticket sales through Eventbrite are fast, easy, and convenient. Thanks to a special partnership between SSE and Eventbrite, VSOs receive a discount on normal Eventbrite rates and get ticket revenue deposited directly into their VSO account. We’ve sold thousands of tickets to events like yours through Eventbrite, and we’re excited to set you up with the full power of a platform that has sold hundreds of millions of tickets. You must register for each Eventbrite event through OSE if you are a non-GSB/SLS VSO.


How much does Eventbrite cost?
How quickly can I use Eventbrite?
How quickly can I get my money?
How much control do I have over my event?
How do I check people in for my event?
Where do I find my ASSU group number?
Why can’t I just set up my own event?
Can I use Eventbrite through SSE if I have already used my SUNetID for a non-Stanford related event?
How much support do I have?
Who can I contact for more information?