Previous Councilors


Emily Schell, Co-Chair
Jason Anderson, Co-Chair
Christie Chang, Treasurer
Kavya Sreedhar, Co-Social Chair
Leslie Luqueno, Co-Social Chair
Kristen Jackson, Diversity and Advocacy Chair
Guillem Megias i Homar, Benefits and Affordability Chair
Lawrence Berg, Representative to the Faculty Senate
Yiqing Ding, Representative to the Faculty Senate
Liz Park, Secretary
Whit Froehlich, Graduate Student Councilor
Nya Kai Hardaway, Graduate Student Councilor
Tyler Hall, Graduate Student Councilor
Harshit Kohli, Graduate Student Councilor
David Schafer, Graduate Student Councilor

Bill on Affordability


Adam Keppler, Graduate School of Business Representative
Brooks Bernard, Food Coordinator
Grace Achephol, DAC Coordinator
Johnathan Deemer, Parliamentarian
Kari Barclay, Co-Chair
Sandra Schachat, Diversity and Equity Committee Co-Chair
Will Paisley, Co-Chair
Yiqing Ding, School of Engineering Representative
Saana Ali, Social Committee Social Chair


Yiqing Ding, Co-Chair
Jasmine Yushi Shao, Co-Chair
Lawrence Bai, Financial Officer
Gabby Badica, At-Large Representative
Abísola Kusimo, At-Large Representative
Kari Barclay, DAC Co-Chair
David Song, Secretary
Julia Neusner, At-Large Representative
Amina Ly, Funding Committee Co-Chair
Adam Keppler, Social Chair, At-Large Representative
Christopher Middleton, Law School Representative


Amy Tarangelo, Medicine, Co-Chair
Yiqing Ding, At Large, Co-Chair
Gabby Badica, At Large, Social Chair
Justin Ding, GSBShanna Chu, Earth Sciences
David Song, Education
Ana Maria Tarano, Engineering
Ricardo Peterson. Engineering
Kari Barclay, Humanities
Melanie Malinas, Natural Sciences
Caleb Smith, Social Sciences
Nicolas Garcia, Law
Rui Liu, At Large
Aditya Ranjan, At Large
Absiola Kusimo, At Large



Rosie Nelson, Education, Co-Chair
Megan Conlon, Natural Sciences, Co-Chair
Gabby Badica, At Large, Social Chair
Carlos Varjao, GSB
Shanna Chu. Earth Sciences
Isa Rosa, Engineering
Dan Walls, Engineering
Juan Lamata, Humanities
Jennifer Hill, Social Sciences
Ryan Roberts, Law
Alejandro Schuler, Medicine
Kari Barclay, At Large
Melanie Malinas, At Large
Natalie Deam, At Large
Gregor Quack, At Large



Terence Theisen, Medicine, Co-Chair
Pau Guinart, Humanities, Co-Chair
Gabby Badica, At Large, Social Chair
David Hsu, Engineering, Secretary
Kali Allison, Earth Sciences
Rosie Nelson, Education
Isa Rosa, Engineering
Jing Miao, Natural Sciences
Jennifer Hill, Social Sciences
Yiren Shen, Law
Xiaocheng Li, At Large
Ruilin Zhang, At Large
Tianze Liu, At Large
Grant Means, At Large


Dorian Bertsch, GSB
Sam Bydlon, Earth Sciences
Jieyang Jia, Engineering
Isa Rosa, Engineering
Gabriel Rodriguez, Humanities
Qian Lin, Natural Sciences
Yiran Duan, Social Sciences
Eddy Albarran, Medicine
Rujia Jiang, At Large
Jingyi Li, At Large
David Hsu, At Large
Trevor Martin, At Large
Gabby Badica, At Large


Durgesh Saraph, GSB
Bryce Anzelmo, Earth Sciences
Petr Johanes, Education
David Hsu, Engineering
Adam X, Engineering
Pau Guinart, Humanities
Trevor Martin, Natural Sciences
Eduardo Gonzalez-Maldonado, Medicine
Susie Choi, Law
Ashveer Pal Singh, Social Sciences
Wendy Ni, At Large
James Li, At Large
Arushi Arora, At Large
Sam Bydlon, At Large


Bryce Anzelmo, Earth Sciences
Petr Johanes, Education
Wendy Ni, Engineering
Ateeq Suria, Engineering
Adrienne Rose Johnson, Humanities
Trevor Martin, Natural Sciences
Ashveer Pal Singh, Social Sciences
Eduardo Gonzalez-Maldonado, Medicine
Susie Choi, LawDavid Hsu, At Large
Paul Harold, At Large
AX, At Large
Austin Hay, At Large
Saad Bhamla, At Large


Tiffany Abdullahi, GSB
Sjoerd de Ridder, Earth Sciences
Anne-Laure Cuvillez, Engineering
Ateeq Suria, Engineering
Adrienne Johnson, Humanities
Roshan Shankar, Social Sciences
David Hsu, At Large
Nipun Sarin, At Large
Hrishi Goel, At Large
Puja Deverakonda, At Large
Saad Bhamla, At Large


Jesse Lane, GSB
Marine Denolle, Earth Sciences
Anne-Laure Cuvillez, Engineering
Adeel Arif, Engineering
Kamil Dada, Social Sciences
Daniel Rojas, Law
Addy Satija, At Large
Sjoerd de Ridder, At Large
Manish Choudhary, At Large
Ateeq Suria, At Large
Lida Teneva, At Large


Ping Li, GSB
Justin R. Brown, Earth Sciences
Imeh Williams, Education
Joanna Lankester, Engineering
Tao Chu, Engineering
Praveen R Shanbhag, Humanities
Erik Lehnert, Natural Sciences
Salvador Zepeda, Social Sciences
Jessica Tsai, Medicine
Evan Berquist, Law
Addy Satija, At Large
Krystal St. Julien, At Large
Drew Kennedy, At Large
Yichuan Ding, At Large
Crystal Yin, At Large


Robert Hennessy, Engineering
Addy Satija, Engineering
Bryan Chen, Natural Sciences
Jessica Tsai, Medicine
Eric Osborne, Law
Ugur Pece, Humanities
Nanna Notthoff, Social Sciences
Mary Van de Hoven, Earth Sciences
Justin Brown, At Large
Ryan Peacock, At Large
Aleksandra Korolova, At Large
Andrew Kennedy, At Large
Noa Lincoln, At Large


Polina A. Segalova, Engineering
Melahn Parker, Engineering
Fen Zhao, Natural Sciences
Sean Young, Medicine
Michelle Brown, Education
Andrew Parker, Law
George Bloom, Humanities
Rick Thielke, GSB
Hanna Muenke, Social Sciences
Justin Brown, Earth Sciences
Karan Chaudhry, At Large
Addy Satija, At Large
Aleksandra Korolova, At Large
Adam Lee Beberg, At Large
Nanna Notthoff, At Large


Shireen Barday, Law
Yana Emmy Hoy, Medicine
Fen Zhao, Natural Sciences
Melahn Parker, Engineering
Marja Mullings, Engineering
George Bloom, Humanities, Co-Chair
Euan Robertson, Social Sciences
Rhyan Uy, GSB
Kyle Anderson, Earth Sciences
Heather Hough, Education
Maxim Afinasayev, At Large
Hanna Muenke, At Large
Kristina Keating, At Large
Zeng Fan, At Large
Lan Wei, At Large


Rebecca Kaplan, GSB
Kristina Keating, Earth Sciences
Matt Andrews, Education
Paul Gurney, Engineering
Cullen Buie, Engineering
Edward George Bloom, Humanities
Dirk Englund, Natural Sciences
Zhuo Huang, Social Sciences
Jenny Allen, Law
Maxim Afinasayev, At Large
Adam Beberg, At Large, Appropriations Committee Chair
Jeff Laretto, At Large
Shireen Barday, At Large
Song Li, At Large


Josh Lippman, GSB
Hannah Scherer, Earth Sciences
Donna Renee Winston, Education
Thomas T. Lee, Engineering
Cullen Buie, Engineering
David Lummus, Humanities
Tracy Terry, Natural Sciences
Jenny Allen, Law
Natalie Chun, Social Sciences
Stephen Hunt, Medicine
Aravinda Seshadri, At Large
Zhuo Huang, At Large
Maria Spletter, At Large
Michael Lopez, At Large
Maher Aoun, At Large


Kevin Choo, At Large
Ellen Lubman, At Large
Moriah Thomason, At Large
Pamela Ellis, At Large
Xiang Li, At Large
Caroline Whitehill, Earth Sciences
Travis Hopp, GSB
Gayle Christensen, Education
John Davis, Engineering
Surya Singh, Engineering
Steven Allison, Natural Sciences
Ying Wong, Social Sciences
Leal Hsiao, Medicine

Graduate Student Council
Previous Councilors